Over the past year, we have paid tribute to one of our female ambassadors every month. In addition to winning honors on our network, they also won a coupon of 25 euros to stay ahead!
Look at all our children this month!

June 2021

June 2021 kayline baby - Imani white scarf ring babyontop
Kailin, born on June 25, 2021, wearing a white Imani Scarf - knot ring

May 2021

Loa baby may 2021 - Imani white scarf ring - crib
Loa, born on May 28, 2021, wearing a white Imani Scarf - knot ring

April 2021

Clara baby April 2021 - Imani scarf clay ring - babentop
Clara, born on April 11, 2021, wearing Imani clay knot ring scarf

March 2021

Margot March 2021 baby - headscarf iris rose lotus doughnut - baby milk powder
Margot, Born on March 1, 2021, wearing a rainbow rose lotus donut scarf 
March 2021 Baby Rose - Amber brie Scarf - crib
Pink, Born on March 12, 2021, wearing an amber Scarf - brie knot

Alba baby March 2021 - headscarf Rosa verryberry ring babyontop
Alba, born on March 17, 2021, wearing a rose Scarf - knot ring

February 2021

 February 2021 baby Sark, shawl Chloe white doughnut babyontop
Sasha, born on February 19, 2021, wearing a white Chloe scarf knot ring

January 2021